Cyber film participation in Cooperativ
Cyber film participation in Cooperativ
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The Last Monastery Which Virgin Mary Lived in secret Before Coming To

The monastery, which is near to the ancient city of Ephesus and called "Kursunlu Manasterý"
among (MyKale) the local people, was built the slopes of MyKale Peninsula (Dilek Yarimadasi)
in the second century. It is known as the place where Virgin Mary Lived secretly before coming
to Ephesus, Now the monastery is in a bad condition and needs restoration, so we need your
Material or Spritual help and are expecting your contribution for restoration of the place.
The monastery of Virgin Mary:

Kursunlu Monastery:in the large history and culture fan of ower country,…on the wish(dilek) peninsula,from the sea levelataverage 900 meter altitule, in he Kusadasi\Davutlar administrative district frontiers,with in its North,Efes(30 km),its west Prien(3 km) and benlath in the slope,Davutlar.
And a moastery that keeps its secret in the woods;with its total splendid,a prayers school,against the no turn rancid of time,lead has been used,as a safety supplement material in its structure,as support,and made it stand till o time,and has registed,against the destructive humanbeings powers.And the big watersource that flows in front,is undringable,too cold!And is the watersource of Davutlar.According,to the incommonworking local,study and research ofthe Kuþadasý tourism directory and the Davutlar municipality,there is in the monastery, one big church,on elitle church (sapel),destructed fresco’s,shelter_rooms,kitchen clays and so on,…has been taken under the protection,…and registered by,the Turkish Republic wealth protection ministry(with the support of ower study)
Ower subject now: _is “the cybernetic place of this monastery in science.According the building of the monastery;is the same as the little Virgin Mary’s characteristic structure and same as special feature church in Efes.The same structue characteristic is also in harmony with the Saint John church in Selçuk.And the similar building style,namely the fact that its been done,with the similar building technique cannot be bye coincidences!This monastery that has a distance of 30 km to Efes Metropoline,according region,…Milet,Didim,Prien_Efes their nearness between eachothers,is the remarkable special feature of the region;the fact that each of them are ,a harbour cities is an special feature.Efes that is named often in the Bible is according the Christian faiths a very important place,and that,Virgin Mary,after Jesus ,came here regard region,is been explained.And the church that St. John made building in Selçuk(Efes) And we can see today,comes to us as a decisive evidence.
After Jesus died,the way his mother let Kudüs,…that she came together with the a post les to the North,to Anatolia,… a lot of evidences made i name of Jesus or some of them on the name of Christianity Mary, visibly and known 12-13 regions,of todays Turkey.
After that Virgin Mary left Kudüs,…to protect theirselves,and to make loose their tracks,intent,this emigration to different regions of Anatolia has been conscientiously worked out,and very where they went they made big efforts to spread,one God’s facts.
if attention payed; they’ve always builded on dominating hills and slopes,and o open to protection order places.Like the situation of the Kursunlu Monastery both the Bible and the Ku’an is revealed that Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus,on a mountain,unknown place out the view of any humanbeing.A place,where infront there is a water flow.(We made Virgin Mary and his son Jesus Saint,we’ve put them,on yhe Tour montain,where in front there is water flows).it is not a coincidence that the Kur’ans sura’s people setting down,living around watersources.
Regard humanbeings creation,its very difficult to rice the mountains perpendicularly.We always had to rice,with doing a tour...

if people knows human being,to know science and yourselves,

if you're a sea over earth ,heart knows god.

virgin mary's monastery
virgin mary's monastery
Die freiheit
Die freiheit